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April 6, 2003
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A quiet stream version 1 by zomby138 A quiet stream version 1 by zomby138
Well that took a while...

This was done in open canvas, start to finish, the actual file is nearly 30 Megs right now, it has well over 200 layers including paste and duplicate layers.

It's version one because I hope to improve it, hopefully with some feedback from you people *looks at people*

So yeah, feedback, yes, it would be nice if you could give me some of that... please? *Makes puppy eyes*

Rawk. \m/
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JwktheHempMonkey Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2005
I love the orange metalic affect, and the way several images repeat themselves (e.g. the grass in the forground and the 'field of spears' in the background), not to mention composition as a whole. However, it seems a bit 'symetrical'.
heckboy Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2004
nice job!
Falassion Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2004
Man imagine luggin that chain everywhere with you. Anyhoo its makes the drawing come to life kudos to you my friend.
Ephon Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
thats pretty cool =D and I like the icon aswell
catarax Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2004
i guess all i can say is that you could focus a bit on the fact that nothing will be as light as the highlights on the most reflective object nearest the lightsource. then as things curve away from the light depending on their material the shadows will grow differently (fluid shadows on metal, soft fuzzy shadows on fur/rough leather/cloth etc.) i dont think his needs much more work, but im confused by the highlights on the main character as compared to the horde around him. i dont see any white light sources, only red so why are his highlights not tinted ed?

otherwise very strong :) i love the heavy blacks.
Falassion Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2004
I see you worked out ya chains problem dewd very well done.
Falassion Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2004
You sorted out those chain problems you were havin, nice one man. I saw it way back, months ago and it looks pretty sweetamafunky now! Dewd! \m/
moosticks Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
That's gorgeous, love the colours...don't change it. It's great as it is.
Drakenborg Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really like your choice of colors, it´s a awesome pic, great perspective and well, I like pic´s in action... if you know what I mean, I am no good at them so... :) two thumbs up!
NovemberWolf Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2003   Writer
Holy living SHIT! This is really good!
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